SQL Server Version Numbering

I wanted to create a little reference table for SQL server versioning to at least tell me which service pack I was running. So here it is...

Windows7 drops PPTP Connections

I was trying to create a simple PPTP remote connection solution for a project. I was using PPTP because it's simple, supported by Windows, OSX, and Linux very easily and being an "internal" use, security was not a concern. I thought this was simple, but to my surprise the Windows system in testing would consistently disconnect when trying to transfer a large file.

Exposing VNC access to your VM in vCenter

You just need to add the following lines to your VMX file or via the Advanced Options in the vSphere client. Remember you VNC to the ESXi Host and each VM must have a unique port number.

Don't forget to open the ports on your ESXi's host firewall. This involves either writing a custom line item or enabled one of the rules that has a large port range.

Cisco ASA Hanging at ROMMON at Boot

After factory defaulting an ASA 5510, we noticed it didn't boot to a default configuration. It booted up to the ROMMON prompt. As soon as you'd type "boot" or "boot device:/filename" it would happily boot for you. Adding a "boot device:/filename" to the config didn't make a difference.

Microsoft SQL Server Verion Info

Recently had to look into SQL version numbers. Here's a quick table.

OSX VPN Client DES Support

Simple answer: NO


Changing Windows RDP port

Sometimes it's nice to change the default listening port of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) service. Running standard services on non-standard is a simple way to avoid scripted attacks against your systems. Turns out changing the RDP port is as simple as a registry setting and a reboot.

Look here:

Distinguished Name (DN) of Logged in User on Windows7

Recently I was in an environment where I don't have access to the AD servers and needed to find out the Distinguished Name (DN) of the user that was logged into a Windows7 system. There had to be a way right? A little research was required. Something like DSQUERY would work, but it is not a Windows7 tool out of the box. Eventually I found it... WHOAMI...

whoami /FQDN

ESXi Multiplathing Options

From the VMware Multipathing KB Article here.

These pathing policies can be used with VMware ESX/ESXi 4.x and ESXi 5.x:

DELL PowerConnect - What does "iscsi enable" do?

From DELL's "EqualLogic iSCSI Optimization for Dell PowerConnect Switches" whitepaper...

After enabling iSCSI, the following procedures occur automatically:

  • Jumbo Frames are enabled on all switch ports. Jumbo Frames enable transporting data in fewer
    frames to ensure less overhead, lower processing time, and fewer interrupts. By default, Jumbo